Detailed Server and Community Rules

Please read before creating an account!

By playing XiLeRO, you agree that you have read AND understand all of the following. All rules are subject to change at anytime, it is up to you to stay updated on them, "you didn't know" will not be tolerated. :


  1. Try to decard using the Decard NPC (Old Woman) with a chat room open.
  2. Try to decard using the Decard NPC (Old Woman) with 100 items in your inventory (Even if it doesn't show that you are over weight).
  3. Try to decard using the Decard NPC (Old Woman) while you are Over Weight (90% over weight).
  4. Give anyone your user name and password. Whoever it might be, GMs will never ask you for such information ingame. If we do ask on Forums or IRC (And no GM really needs your info.) try to get in touch with an Admin.
  5. Ignore people with GM in the name. Sometimes we go bot-hunting, if you ignore us and just keep killing, you are giving us the message that you are a potential Botter. So response to anyone with GM in their name. If they claim you won a prize, report them ASAP on forums.
  6. Try to put your pet back into its egg if you have 100 items or more, you are Over Weight (90% over weight), and/or with a chat room open.
  7. Expect your items returned when you are hacked for ignoring our instructions.
  8. Trade any EXCLUSIVE items to anyone.

Player Rules

  1. Don't Spam (Chat, Warp, Deals, etc.) = 2 days ban / spamming with an extra/random account, full spamming and trash talking will result an IP Ban.
  2. Don't Beg = 2 days ban
  3. Don't Flame or Disrespect other Players or GM's = 1st/2nd/3rd grade of insults
    • 1st grade of insults: primary/common insults = 2-5 days ban (depending on the GM)
    • 2nd grade of insults: medium/common type of insults = 5-10 days ban (depending on the GM)
    • 3rd grade of insults: hurtful & serious insults = 2 months-Perma ban/ipban (depending on the GM)
  4. Don't Cheat or use Bots, or Hacks. (this includes any third party program) = PERMANENT BAN/Ip Ban
  5. Don't use GM nor Game Master in your nick, title, or/and guild emblem or impersonate our staff in any other way. = perma. IP ban
  6. Don't advertise other servers = PERMANENT BAN
  7. As much as possible, don't bug GM's unless it's VERY important (This means don’t ask GMs where to level and stuff like that)
  8. Don't scam. (This means don’t say you are selling a choco card and then turn around and sell a coco card, or sell useless items for far over there price) = 2-8 Days (depending on the GM and the severity)
  9. Speak English when possible, this is an English server so please speak English to GMs and other players. (This means you address people in English if you are not sure what languages they know)
  10. Do not harass other players or GMs. = 5 days ban
  11. Do not use skills (AoE or ground spells) on spawn points of any field. At least give players some chance to defend before getting attacked. = 2 days ban
  12. Do not block any NPC with a vend or chat room or your character ( hiding on top of a npc) . = 2 days ban
  13. Do not trade XiLeRO items for items on other games/servers. = PERMANENT BAN/IP Ban
  14. Do not trade XiLeRO items for real money. = PERMANENT BAN/IP Ban
  15. Do not edit your S.client it will result in immediate perma. ban.
  16. Assisting others in breaking rules gives you the same punishment.
  17. EXCLUSIVE items are not to be traded to anything other than your own other accounts. = PERMANENT BAN/IP Ban
  18. Usage of extra accounts (ex:novice making pub chats) will turn your ban into an IP ban with the same number of days.
  19. Warning: make sure your guild/party is not ' loot ' botting because if they are, everyone on it will be banned (depending on the GM). Make sure your party is not ' buff ' botting otherwise everyone on it will be a Perma/IP Ban (you've been warned).
  20. Violating the rules after being given a second chance will result in immediate perma. IP ban.
  21. Do not use characters below level 100 to ress/sight/pneuma/deal players in PvP. Since they cannot be PK'd this is unfair and now can be bannable.= 2-3d ban.
  22. Do not use Soul Linker Skill's for buff with ress. on woe. = 3-5d Ban. (Soon have to be removed from Woe Times)
  23. Do not use multiple accounts in mini games such as 2V2/3V3/CTF. = Permanent ban
  24. Do not do "gentle fights" in minigames such as 3V3,2V2 etc. Gentle Fights means - 1 Lose 1 Win 1 Lose 1 Win. You have to do proper fights. = 5 days ban
  25. Do not use dual accounts to get kill points for PvP ladder. = 5-10d Ban.

Breaking certain rules will result in a ipban. Things such as 3rd party programs, insulting a gm, impersonating a gm, having "fak you gm" as your name or title, and scamming. If by chance you are banned and you go through other means that don't include the regular ones of posting an unban request you will be ipbanned even if it was a short 3 day ban. Ipbans will block all accounts that you've basically used, so even if you share with a friend the odds are you will be ipbanned as well. We urge you once again not to give out your info recklessly.

Rules for GameMasters

  • Any GM breaking the rules will be demoted.
  • No abusing GM commands, I will check the logs if I think someone is.
  • Try handle every situation with care and understanding, even the bad ones.
  • Do not spam skills anywhere.
  • Do not raise a player or heal them just to help them level or kill a monster/player. (This includes casting buffs on players)
  • Use @kami sparingly. Use map-only broadcasting where possible.
  • Any ban must have a valid reason given in the @ban command. If an IP ban is needed, alert a 99 GM (Admin) via MSN or GM forums.
  • GMs may /exall under these conditions: they are doing an event, or they are sitting in a town helping people (in chat). At any other time, GMs should be /inall, such as during bot hunting or when @hide 'en.
  • New GMs, or any promotions must be talked about and voted on by the GM team.
  • GMs must be active, if their accounts go two weeks without any activity, meaning no logins, no gming, they will be demoted or removed.

*To report a GameMaster breaking any rules, please contact an admin or a higher level GM.

Forum Rules

  1. Once a user reaches 8 infractions (expired or active), they are to be permanently banned
  2. Do not be excessively vulgar in your comments. If deemed over the top, you will be infracted.
  3. Do not double post. There is an edit button for a reason. Do it once, we will merge your post and give you a warning. Do it again, you will be infracted.
  4. Do not post videos, links or pictures (including avatar and signature images) of any kind of objectionable material. Including but not limited to porn, viruses,warez, emulators, bots, and so on.
  5. Do not advertise, name, or mention other servers.
  6. Do not harass any other fellow member.
  7. Do not copy-paste material without proper crediting to the original creator of such material.
  8. Do not make off-topic posts. While it's understandable a thread conversation will derail from the main topic, it is no excuse to blatantly and deliberatelychange the course of the conversation.
  9. Do not post in the wrong sections. Sections are clearly marked with the type of content that should be posted in them.
  10. Do not post for the sake of posting, that is, making useless threads or posts.
  11. Do not make exclusive threads.
  12. Do not post on threads that have been inactive more than 7-15 days (AKA thread necro / reviving dead threads). If you do, it better be for a good reason,otherwise you'll be infracted.
  13. Do not post on behalf of banned members. It'll count as ban evasion.
  14. Post in English and only in English. This does not apply to International Support sections.
  15. The total size of any and all images in your signature cannot exceed 600x200, with a maximum filesize of 150kb total.
  16. For casual chat between two players/members, stick to Private Messaging.
  17. Read around before posting about a problem. There could be a good chance it's already been discussed and ways to fix the problem have been explained. The search button can also be used for this purpose.
  18. One forum account per player. Creating a new account because your previous was banned, no matter for how long, will result in a perma-ban.
  19. Do not insult or disrespect anyone, especially on Staff with acts such as using swear words, direct insults, claiming them to be corrupt without proper proof, and so on.
  20. If you are (permanently) banned from these forums, that means you cannot make another account. If you do, and you are caught (which you will be), all your forum accounts will be permanently banned and you will be banned for a week in game. After that, if you make another, you will be banned for 2 weeks. The weeks will increase by 1 for every new account you make.
  21. If the servers are down, please refrain from making threads, asking why they are down/will they will be back up/what the problem is will result in an infraction.
  22. Do not create more than one unban request. Doing so will result in an infraction, dismissal of request, and/or a temporary ban.
  23. This applies only to Staff Members: "Infractions cannot be removed without first fully consulting the infractor".
  24. This applies only to Staff Members: "Staff Members can receive infractions. If any rules are broken or out of line."

What the colors mean:

  • Red is an Admin, they have GM accounts on all servers and can help you with any problems.
  • Orange is a Head GM who can help with almost anything in game or forum related issues.
  • Green is a GM who can help most issues in game.
  • Cyan is a forum Moderator designated for International Support. If no GM is around ask them for help.
  • Blue is a spriter who creates the unique sprites you see in game.
  • Purple is a Coder. They collect suggestions and develop/fix new things.

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